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For Sponsorship Interest

kindly fill out this form if you're interested in Sponsoring the  Portland Christmas Fashion Show on Dec 8th 2024 in Portland, OR. A sponsorship packet will be available to you on filling this form.

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 Fashion Designer Application

kindly fill out this form if you're interested in Exhibiting  at the  Portland Christmas Fashion Show. on Dec 8th 2024.

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Portland Christmas Fashion Show

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About Us

Discover the Portland Christmas Fashion Show 🌟

Step into a world where fashion meets philanthropy at the annual Portland Christmas Fashion Show, brought to you by Style by Cherechi! This extraordinary event transcends borders, welcoming designers from every corner of the globe to showcase their latest creations in the heart of Portland.

What Sets Us Apart:

Global Design Showcase: Embark on a journey through an international tapestry of fashion as designers from around the world converge in Portland to unveil their latest collections. Experience a fusion of cultures, styles, and inspirations, all under one roof, as our runway becomes a canvas for creativity without borders.
A Night of Entertainment: From mesmerizing dance performances to side-splitting comedy routines and soul-stirring musical acts, our lineup of entertainers promises to keep you captivated throughout the evening.
Opportunities to Give Back: At the core of our event lies a commitment to making a difference. Join us in supporting charitable initiatives aimed at providing aid to those in need, and experience the joy of giving firsthand.
Prepare to be swept away by the magic of fashion, entertainment, and goodwill at the Portland Christmas Fashion Show!

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Portland Christmas Fashion Show
Portland Christmas Fashion Show
This is Christmas fashion like you've never seen it before—a celebration of the unexpected, the unconventional, and the utterly unforgettable. 🎄✨ Unwrap the unexpected this holiday season! ✨🎁 Dive into the avant-garde world of fashion with a festive twist at the Portland Christmas Fashion Show.
December 8th, 2024
Dec 08, 2024, 4:00 PM – 8:30 PM PST
Portland, OR
Portland, OR, USA
Save your seat
Save Your Seat!!



You might have seen some graphics and posts about a Portland Christmas fashion show on the internet. Honestly, I've been waiting for this for a long time. The event is scheduled for the first week of December, 2023. Growing up in Nigeria in the city of Lagos, my mom always prepared a big pot of fried rice and fried turkey, which she would put on a plate and give to neighbors and the disadvantaged. It was inspiring to watch her do this! Additionally, she would pack in bags foodstuff to give away. When I was growing up, I saw a lot of people who didn't have food and couldn't afford to eat a balanced meal, but it was usually worse during the holidays. Sitting in your house or under the bridge, you wait for someone to show mercy and lend you a hand. As you close your eyes, you can smell the aroma of food coming from homes, and imagine yourself sitting at a table ready to eat in those homes. You see kids well dressed with nice hairdos and you are unable to do even the bare minimum for your child. Looking in the mirror you only see a bad mother because you cannot give the same to your child. I saw some of these circumstances growing up, so I was grateful my mom had the heart for the community and would extend herself to bring a sparkle of hope to others. Her passing in May of 2011 caused people to feel an emptiness around Christmas as well. It is my goal as an adult to not only continue her legacy but also add to it. This same scene breaks my heart here in Portland as well. The pain cannot be eased by wishing, so I do the little I can to ease it. When it rains, I used to enjoy it, but now that I live in a country where the cold can be severe, I can't help but think about those who might not be able to find a shelter in time. This is the heart of our charity fashion show.

In order to create a platform that would enable us to positively impact our community, I am inviting Portland local designers, musicians, performers, and others to join me. We don't want to be just another fashion show, as there are quite a few of them around town. Specifically, I want to help those who are forgotten, disadvantaged, or unable to afford basic necessities. As a member of my community, I want to spread a sparkle of hope and warmth to the homeless. We are using some of our proceeds to purchase food, socks, beanies, scarves, sweaters and other care packages that will be placed in hampers and given to disadvantaged people in our community. Everyone is welcome to donate to this cause, whether businesses, individuals, corporations, etc. We accept beanies, scarves, sweaters, feminine products, and other care packages. Alternatively, you can volunteer for their distribution, or you can make a financial donation if you cannot donate this item. Let's spread the sparkle of warmth and hope together this Christmas season. "bring your sparkle!"


To drop care packages

Address: 6975 SW Sandburg rd., suite #370 Tigard, 97223

Volunteer your time: fill this form

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We’d love to have you volunteer...
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