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Fashion Photography a Form of Therapy?

You see those amazing photos that flood our social media timeline, especially the stunning ones that make you want the dress and wish you were the model the fashion designer designed the dress for? You start to wonder how much a photographer would charge to capture you in that dress, how much a fashion designer would cost to make the exact dress for your body? What if I told you that all that wishful thinking is absolutely possible!?

Have you ever wondered how those looks were created? I can tell you for free that those looks take a whole lot of time and effort to create. The stunning makeup that is so different yet somehow just goes with the whole look, oh! and the hair styling, super detailed. You totally want to dress that way to your prom or just have a gorgeous photo of yourself in the house in a beautiful frame. Yup! fashion photography can be very interesting when the whole look comes together.

As a fashion designer and photoshoot stylist, having worked in the fashion industry for almost a decade my job requires me to ensure that every piece of a photoshoot comes together in beautiful harmony. Before the pieces are put together, it might seem like it is just all over the place but in the end it's a beautiful artistic assemble with deep meanings that has the power to capture a persons soul. I sincerely feel that fashion photography can be a very interesting way to find yourself, I say this because it allows a person to dream and separate from the pain of reality , if only for a few hours. Think of it as a sort of artistic therapy. The good thing about it is that you can have a photo with you as a constant reminder of a good time. Imagine a person who has experienced some heart wrenching heartbreak to the point where they don't believe they are worth anything, imagine that you can momentarily give them a gift to become anything if only for a few hours. If they were to take on a fashion photoshoot where they are allowed to be their true inner self, not the downcast one but the one that shows who they really are. A fashion designer makes them a gorgeous outfit , a make up artist uses her make up skills to show a side of themselves they have never seen before. We all know that hair can be the most artistic piece of any look because it can be turned into just about anything. Finally after hair, make up and hair is done, a photographer and fashion stylist directs you on how to pose to bring out the real you. Just that one shot that gives glimpses of the strong person that you are which you have unfortunately forgotten. That one moment captured and framed on your wall, you look back on that photo and remember, if only for a minute the true treasure that you are. This can go on to spur you into activating the next phase of your life. For some, it is a reminder of what thy can achieve , while for others it is a symbol of hope. The good thing about a fashion photography photoshoot is that you can get it all in one place if you're in Portland, Oregon you might want to look at the different packages on Fashion photography is not just a photography session, it is an experience. Sometimes, an experience in a safe space where you can truly be anything you want, whether it's a gorgeous diva, an ancient princess or mystic being, a flawless beauty whatever it is, a session in a fashion studio might just be all you need to spur you on to do greater things with your life. The icing on the cake is offers all these services all in one spot.


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