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Our Services

Style by Cherechi provides specialized services for creating and manufacturing custom made bridal and special occasion couture dresses. With a focus on providing the highest quality and craftsmanship, Style by Cherechi ensures your special occasion dress meets your exact specifications and desires.

Bridal Couture Dresses

Style by Cherechi offers the best custom made clothing to suit the individual’s dream dress, creating couture perfection in bridal and special occasion dresses. Experienced, knowledgeable and passionate, our services include dress measurements, fittings, digital sketches of the proposed design, fabric consideration, and style suggestions. Our couture dresses often feature a corseted silhouette and beautiful hand beading, tambour beading details, and embroidery to create the perfect couture dress, with a time frame ranging from 3months to 8months. Try our express option for a faster service.

start price $3500 [without fabric]

start price $6500 { with fabric included]

Haute Couture Dresses

Style by Cherechi offers premier professional service in making top of the line haute couture dresses with perfect silhouettes; services include measurements, pattern drafting and draping, digital sketches of the proposed design, fabric consideration, hand beading, tambour beading, and embroidery. These extravagant dresses are perfect for show stopping events such as the red carpet and luxury weddings as well as other special occasions.

start price $10000

Satisfaction Guarantee

At Style by Cherechi, we are passionate about making our clients look their best. Our Haute couture dresses are designed to be fashionable yet timeless, combining exquisite craftsmanship with the latest fashion trends to create the perfect outfit for special occasions.

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