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The Fashion Stylist Guide to Winter Style.

Updated: Dec 6, 2021

What's your go to fashion style for Winter? Is it me or does it seem like a lot of people don't really care about what they wear for winter like they do for summer? Functionality is always the goal. I believe it can be functional yet very stylish.

First of all a little introduction about me. humph! my name is cherechi and I will be writing very often on my blog about my perception of fashion and style. I'm pretty excited to have you join me in this journey.

What is my style?

I like to think of my fashion style as something that evolves. I tend to stick out in a very obvious way, hey! Can't say I don't like the attention and as a fashion stylist I think turning heads should come with the job description lol! isn't that what fashion is really about? I guess you can say my fashion style is more geared towards something that's not regarded as mainstream. I can't say I always stick to this but I definitely have a fondness for statement pieces . The one thing you would notice in most of my styles is that it is often unique.

Now lets talk about my 3 top winter must haves.


I feel like a lot of the time people just limit their winter coats to only dark colors. Who says summers are the only time to be colorful? Yes, no-one. This winter think about how to brighten your spirit with some beautiful colors in peach, white, yellow and magenta.


You can absolutely wear just your beanie if you want, but consider adding some class to you cute coat by putting on an actual hat. There are so many colors to chose from. one side note to observe is not to over do it. If you are wearing say a peach colored coat you could wear a purple or magenta colored hat.


Don't just buy a regular one, consider the option of a really cute one you could wear to a nice event. More so, I personally feel really cute gloves can add class to an otherwise plain look.

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